Sikh War Memorial


Being part of the British colony, over 1.2 million Indians participated directly in great wars that saw them fighting for the British. Over 300,000 Sikhs soldiers were recruited and sent to wars across the globe defending Britain and liberating Europe.

Sikhs have always sacrificed their lives for the protection of the oppressed, the helpless and other religions. Their stories of courage, commitment and mate-ship are well known.

Sikhs from Australia and New Zealand also participated in World Wars alongside their ANZAC mates at Gallipoli and many other theatres of war.

Prof. Peter Stanley of UNSW Canberra, prize-winning military historian and author of Die in Battle … the Indians on Gallipoli, 1915 quotes – An Australian stretcher-bearer on Gallipoli wrote in 1915 that Australians should always ‘extend an open hand of friendship’ to remember the ‘grand and game’ Indians he had served with. The erection of statues like this fulfils his hope.”

To this day, the sacrifices made by the Sikh soldiers are largely unknown to most people. Sikhs fought for the rights of others.

Their paramount attribute in the battle is to be their fearlessness. Sikh soldiers were known for their bravery and steadfastness. They volunteered to fight for the British Imperial Forces in many theatres.

Sikhs heavily contributed to campaign at Gallipoli and created a shared history with Anzac’s. 14 Ferozepur Sikhs contingent lost 379 men in single day at Anzac cove.

We wanted that the stories of the valor, sacrifices and commitment must be highlighted to the new generations and their legacy be told. Hence we came upon the idea of such an installation that portrays the story of their sacrifices and mate ship with all. 

The journey started with approach to the RSL NSW to help us and support such a project and they agreed. We did more research to identify the right area and gather support from other organisations as well as individuals for the project.

We thank Blacktown Council, the Mayor, Councillors and parliamentarians that supported the project for Glenwood and Sikh community in particular.

We thank everyone for their support for the project, please stay tuned for further updates. 

If you need any further information please feel free to contact Amarinder Bajwa, Project Chair,  EMAIL: admin 


Sikh Anzac War Memorial
Sikh Anzac War Memorial

Above statue is installed at Glenwood Lake Park,Glenwood (Blacktown) commemorating the participation and the contribution of Sikh soldiers at the world wars and Gallipoli.



2018: Project concept created and explored the project feasibility.

Aug 2021: Council Approval

Sept 2021: Detailed project submissions

Oct 2021: Launching project fundraiser through GoFundMe and or Paypal

Nov 2021: The statue is commissioned for concept and production, donor list made public.

The project was unveiled by the Mayor Cr Tony Bleasdale OAM on 26 March 2023 along with the community, ADF personnel, member parliamentarians.


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