Fateh Foundation initiated a fundraiser on sudden demise of Baljinder Singh who was working as a truck driver and met with a fatal accident on 1st of Feb 2021. His untimely death has left his young family of three beautiful daughters and a distraught wife.

The youngest one is only three years old. The family is devastated by this sudden loss of the only earning family head.

Baljinder Singh was a God fearing, lovable and kindhearted person and was dedicated to his family and supportive of his friends.

He was a man, you could always count on, whatever you needed, Baljinder was there without question. It is now our time to be there for him.

His old parents live in Punjab, India that could hardly accept the death of their only son.

We can’t imagine how hard is for the family especially kids that needed him the most. This unfortunate loss cannot be overcome for the years to come but we can help and support the family financially and emotionally.

On behalf of the family and friends, Fateh Foundation team has initiated this fundraiser to help the distraught family and support them in the immediate future. Fateh Foundation pledged $2000 for the campaign and was contributed to the GoFundme campagin .