Fateh Foundation rubbishes the article by The Australian

Fateh Foundation rubbishes the article by The Australian

The multicultural fabric of Australia is integrated with many communities that participate and contribute to the harmonious relationship keeping the communities strong and unity in diversity.

These communities come together from every part of the world into the melting pot of multicultural Australia.


The news published by The Australian in its columns on December 6th 22 “India warns Anthony Albanese over Sikh separatists and terror links” was a well-planned and executed blow to the multicultural sentiments, especially for the Sikh community. The article was not only in bad taste but forewarns the Sikh community in Australia to be vigilant for more onslaughts from their home country.


The Sikhs in Australia are part of very integral communities that have participated and contributed to their adopted country.


Sikhs and other minorities in India are the persecuted communities, it is well known to many country heads, spy, and security agencies across the globe how the government of India plans, persecutes, threatens, and subdue the minorities in India.


The UN and human rights groups have regularly slammed human rights abuses, rapes, mob lynching, media censorship, blanket bans on its citizens, and the sharp rise of Hindu nationalist agendas. The rise of religious politics in India is a grave concern among many diasporas.


Sikhs in Australia, ever since their migration to Australia in the early 1800s are a very peace-loving and peaceful community and they never had any terrorist activity reported ever or appeared in the newspaper.


‘The Australian’ report on the Indian government’s warning does give a perception that the Indian government is introducing “motherland politics” into the Australian harmonious ‘Indian Diaspora’ and thus causing divisions among the peaceful and harmonious Indian diaspora. India’s domestic religious policies are well known in the Asia Pacific region where there is an apparent lack of cohesion due to religious conflicts between dominant Hindus with Muslims and other minorities including Sikhs.  In contrast, overseas Indians living in SE Asia do not have that problem.  They work together harmoniously. 


Painting Sikhs, the hard-working and peaceful community group in Australia as ‘terrorists’ gives the perception that Australia is nurturing this group to become separatist in India.  This type of remark is highly offensive and misleading to the multicultural communities in Australia. 


Fateh Foundation believes that this article and many that have followed thereafter are gross misrepresentations of the facts of the Sikh diaspora in Australia. Even ‘The Australian’ has published follow-up articles by interviewing unknown people that do not represent the mainstream Sikh diaspora.


We, therefore, ask, The Australian, to retract the article in its entirety and apologize to the community for the discomfort they have made and the harassment the community has to face from other Australians.