Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Fateh Foundation team is strictly against any form of violence against women. Sikh scriptures have given very high respect to women and considers women at par with men. The equality and respect is inherent in the Sikh principles, women cannot be considered socially or spiritually inferior..

Guru Nanak in his Asa-Di-Vaar says;

Of woman are we born, of woman conceived. To woman engaged and married. Woman are befriended, by woman is the civilization continued. When woman dies, woman is sought for. It is by woman that the entire social order is maintained. Then why call her bad? From her Kings are born – SGGS , p.473.

What is “violence against women”?

Violence against women is any act of gender-based violence that causes or could cause physical, sexual or psychological harm or suffering to women, including threats of harm or coercion, in public or in private life. — UN Declaration

In Australia, violence against women is called many different things, including domestic violence, family violence, intimate partner violence, coercive control, workplace sexual harassment, street harassment and sexual assault.

If you know anyone affected by such violence, please reach out to the local police of social services and or the service providers to get help.