About us

Fateh Foundation Inc.

Community Driven

Community Focused

Faith Based

Sikh teachings remind us of three aspects in one’s life; meditate, earn a truthful living and share with others. These teachings strongly emphasize individual responsibility for the alleviation of poverty and distress, or the creation of a fair,  just and more responsible world.

The pillars of Sikhism lies with three principles – Kirat Karo (earn a truthful living), Naam Japo (meditate the name of God) and Vand Chhako (share with others).

The team at Fateh Foundation is deeply motivated by Sikh beliefs and with the community support we tend to support our community at large.

Sikh teachings are all about creating a fairer, more tolerant society, and inspires to be ready to stand up for the weak and underprivileged, irrespective of the circumstances. This is best illustrated by the story of the 9th Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Teg Bahadhur. The Sikh Guru was publicly beheaded for defending the rights of Hindus that faced persecution from the Mughal empire for following their religious beliefs. The Guru’s martyrdom defending the faith of other community demonstrates the total commitment to giving in Sikh teachings; the need not only to give to charity, but to give one’s time and even one’s life for the well-being of others.

Fateh Foundation Inc is a registered charity with the Australian charity regulator The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC)

Our Objectives

  • Social Welfare:
    1. To strengthen our community and address social and economic disadvantage.
    2. Australian migrants with Disabilities
    3. Support disadvantaged communities in NSW
    4. Access to voluntary legal support
    5. Provide educational sponsorships to disadvantaged kids and support formal and vocational education.
    6. Promote and support multiculturalism and cohesive communities.
  • Arts and Culture:
    1. Promote Punjabi art and culture including folk and modern art
    2. Programs that increase exposure and accessibility to the arts and culture
    3. To promote the development of and access to the arts and culture.
    4. Support young artists and develop online resources
  • Environment
    1. To promote, enhance and conserve Australia’s natural resources
    2. Environmental support programs in ethnic communities
    3. Environmental education programs
  • Heritage
    1. Sikh and Punjabi Heritage
    2. Promote and support projects to revive and restore heritage.
    3. To undertake projects and research on lost heritage of Punjab in India and Pakistan
  • Sikh Military History
    1. Research projects on military history of Sikhs
    2. Sikh soldiers and their contribution in WWI, WWII and war peace keeping around the world.
    3. Promote Sikh military history through exhibitions and workshops.

As a registered charity, we at Fateh Foundation supports the philanthropic work as outlined in its objectives. The team members have a long-dedicated history of supporting the individuals and various organisations for the community support. They also draw a wealth of experience in the support work.

Fateh Foundation provides Australia wide network of volunteers that have committed to support the objectives of the organisation.

Through this network we would be investing the intellectual capital by supporting the creativity, encouraging excellence and supporting the talent.

Bunga Ramgarhia, Golden temple Amritsar