Remembering our War Hero's

Remembering Sikh soldiers that fought and laid their lives for the next generations in World Wars. These soldiers made the ultimate sacrifices in the wars across the continents fighting alongside British, Australian and European counterparts.

Fateh Foundation work towards supporting initiatives for their reminiscences and bring their stories of bravery to you.

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Statue of Unknown Sikh Soldier in Glenwood | SIKH ANZAC WAR MEMORIAL

This project is estimated to cost $150,000.00+ and a fundraiser is in progress, please donate for this worthy cause and support. All donations and expenses are updated on the following webpage link. 

Punjabi & Sikh Heritage

Focusing on Punjabi and Sikh Heritage, our work entails finding the lost and diminishing art that includes music, traditional arts and language programs. 

Supporting Communities

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SOS appeal to the parliamentarians around the world to save the vulnerable Sikh, Hindu, Hazara souls that are desperate to get out of the dreadful situation in Afghanistan.

We stand in solidarity with the people and appeal to the world leaders and communities to help and support them. Please write to your member parliament and urge them to do their part.


Save Afghan Souls

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